Aldult Auti-electromagnetic Radiation Protection Half-silver Fiber Custom Overcoat For Microwave/Phone/TV/Computer/Men/Women

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★Size: The clothes come in 5 sizes. Suitable for men/women. Please choose according to the size chart, if it is beyond the size chart, please contact us to customize the product for you.
★ Semi-silver fiber fabric: has the most effective antibacterial properties. Using nanotechnology, it is made of silver-containing fibers. It has anti-radiation, antibacterial and antifouling functions.
★ Advantages: Durable, waterproof, soft, stretchy, extremely light, breathable, foldable, anti-radiation, anti-static/ESD, all natural.
★ Applicable: suitable for people who work or live in areas with strong electromagnetic waves for a long time. It is an ideal protective equipment for banking, communications, electric power, schools, media, scientific research and other industries.
★ Maintenance method: Silver fiber is exposed to the air, oxidation is inevitable, and the fabric turns black or yellow, which is a normal phenomenon and does not affect the protective effect. To reduce oxidative cleaning, sealing is recommended.
Electromagnetic radiation protection coat

50% silver fiber double layer radiation protection coat
Outer fabric: Tooling polyester cotton;
Inner fabric specific composition: 50.6% Polyester, 49.4% Silver

Metal fibers are tough and will not be damaged when folded in a short time, but long-term folding and extrusion will cause metal fatigue and affect the metal structure. It is recommended to hang metal fiber clothes for storage.
1. Can be washed directly, ordinary neutral detergent and detergent can be used;
2. Hand wash, use a soft brush to wash, avoid rubbing and machine washing;
3. After washing, do not wring it dry, directly remove it from the water and let it cool;
4. Do not use bleach to bleach clothes, and do not wash clothes with detergents containing bleach;
5. If the clothes are wrinkled, iron at medium temperature, the temperature does not exceed 110 degrees Celsius;
6. It is recommended not to wash as much as possible to prevent improper washing.