Anti-electromagnetic Radiation Maternity Clothing EMF Shielding Fashion Style All-match Metal Fiber Dress For Women/pregnant

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★Size: Please choose the size according to our size chart. If it exceeds the size chart, please contact us to customize the product for you.
★ Applicable: suitable for pregnant and women who work or live in areas with strong electromagnetic waves for a long time. It is an ideal protective equipment for banking, communications, electric power, schools, media, scientific research and other industries.
★Advantages: Durable, waterproof, soft, pressure-resistant, extremely light, breathable, foldable, anti-radiation, anti-static/ESD, all natural.
★ Metal fiber fabric: has the most effective antibacterial properties. Using nanotechnology, it is made of metal-containing fibers. It has anti-radiation, antibacterial and antifouling functions.
★Maintenance method: Metal fibers are exposed to the air, oxidation is inevitable, and the fabric turns black or yellow, which is a normal phenomenon and does not affect the protective effect. To reduce oxidative cleaning, sealing is recommended.
Why do pregnant mothers have to prevent radiation?
Because of the ten bad habits during pregnancy, it always threatens the health of the fetus!
1.Like to play with mobile phone and sleep on the bedside.
2.Work or play games for a long time in front of the computer.
3.Often like to browse e-books or play video games.
4.Often use induction cookers, microwave ovens and other electrical appliances.
5.Forget to unplug after frequently using the Electric appliance.
6.More than three appliances in the bedroom.
7.Home appliances are often turned on at the same time.
8.Work long hours in an office with more computers.
9.Like watching TV or computer for a long time, close range.
10.Frequent access to signal transmission towers, high voltage lines and other areas.

How to clean metal fiber radiation protective clothing?

1.Avoid machine washing, Avoid rubbing, Avoid wringing
2.The radiation protective clothing should be washed gently by hand. Do not use a washing machine. The washing machine is easy to damage the metal fiber inside the radiation protective clothing during rolling work. The best way is to use a brush, and the movement should be gentle.
3.After washing the radiation protective clothing, you can dry it directly from the water, but do not expose it to the sun.
4.The bleaching agent cannot be used during the cleaning process.

The package includes:
1 x Radiation Protection dress