Anti-electromagnetic Radiation Women's Coat With Zipper For Computer/Microwave/Phone/WiFi EMF Shielding/TV

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★Size: Can be worn as underwear, there are 4 sizes in total. You can choose according to the size chart or consult us, this is the best gift for you.
★Benefits: Durable, Waterproof, Soft, Stretchable, Extremely Light, Breathable, Foldable, Radiation Resistant (RF/EMI/EMF/LF Shielded and Grounded), Antistatic/ESD, All Natural (No Chemicals).
★Silver fiber fabric: has the most effective antibacterial properties. The silver fiber radiation protection cloth adopts nanotechnology and is made of silver-containing fibers. It is the latest radiation protection technology in the world after the metal radiation protection fiber cloth. It has anti-radiation, antibacterial and antifouling functions.
★Applicable people: Suitable for people who work or live in high electromagnetic wave areas for a long time. It can prevent computer radiation, WIFI radiation, monitoring radiation, base station radiation, laboratory radiation and other radiation. It is an ideal protective equipment for banking, communications, electric power, schools, media, scientific research and other industries.
★Maintenance method: Silver fiber is exposed to the air, oxidation is inevitable, and the fabric will turn black or yellow, which is a normal phenomenon and does not affect the shielding effect. In order to reduce oxidative washing, it is recommended to wear a base layer, if not in use, it is recommended to seal.
The main radiation protection components of the coat:
50% Silver Fiber

Frequency range and shielding effect:
Frequency range: 10MHz-40GHz
Shielding effectiveness: 49.1dB-71.4dB

How to clean radiation protection equipment?

The silver fiber cannot avoid oxidation when exposed to the air, and the fabric will turn black or yellow, which is a normal phenomenon and does not affect the shielding effect. To reduce the oxidation of washing, it is recommended to wear a shirt inside, if not in use, it is recommended to seal.
1. It is recommended to use well water, mineral water, and pure water for cleaning; (reason: some tap water contains chloride ions, if there are too many chloride ions, it is easy to react with silver, reducing the damage of alkali and chlorine to silver)
2. Appropriate amount of neutral detergent and short washing time; (do not use acidic detergent or washing powder)
3. Can not be rubbed and machine washed. Do not bleach, do not wring the clothes after washing, pick them up directly from the water and hang them in a ventilated and dry room to avoid exposure to the sun. Ironing is not recommended.
4. It is recommended to wash or wash as little as possible to prevent improper shielding washing effect.

【Note】: Mobile phone signal is not equal to mobile phone radiation

Cell phone signals are high-frequency microwave signals. It is the ability of the phone itself to receive the signal. Basically harmless to the human body. Mobile phone signals have spread all over the world and have been supported by countries all over the world. Cell phones can automatically search for signals. High-rise buildings are made of steel. Elevators can receive signals, so the mobile phone has its particularity in actively searching for signals. The protective effect of the anti-radiation nightcap cannot be based on the strength of the mobile phone signal.

My radiation-proof nightcap protects against electromagnetic waves created by sudden increases or decays of current in electronic components, not cell phone signals.