Auti-electromagnetic Radiation Protective Half/Full-silver Fiber Gloves For Microwave/Phone/TV/Computer Room

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★Size: The shoe cover comes in 3 sizes. Please choose according to the size chart.
★Silver fiber fabric: has the most effective antibacterial properties. Using nanotechnology, it is made of silver-containing fibers. It has anti-radiation, antibacterial and antifouling functions.
★ Advantages: Durable, waterproof, soft, stretchy, extremely light, breathable, foldable, anti-radiation, anti-static/ESD, all natural.
★ Applicable: suitable for people who work or live in areas with strong electromagnetic waves for a long time. It is an ideal protective equipment for banking, communications, electric power, schools, media, scientific research and other industries.
★Maintenance method: Silver fiber is exposed to the air, oxidation is inevitable, and the fabric turns black or yellow, which is a normal phenomenon and does not affect the protective effect. To reduce oxidative cleaning, sealing is recommended.
50%/100% silver fiber double layer radiation protection gloves

Maintenance method of metal fiber:
1. It can be washed directly, ordinary neutral detergent and detergent can be used;
2. Hand wash, brush with soft bristles, avoid rubbing and machine washing;
3. Do not wring out after washing, just take it out and let it cool;
4. Do not bleach clothes with bleach, and do not wash clothes with detergents containing bleach;
5. If the clothes are wrinkled, iron at medium temperature, the temperature does not exceed 110 degrees Celsius;
6. It is recommended not to wash as much as possible to prevent improper washing.