Domestic Small 25L Cigar Humidor Moisturizing Temperature Cabinet Built-in Cedar Wood Shelf For 150 Cigars

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【Constant Temperature and Humidity】: The cigar moisturizing box uses electronic dual-core dual-core cooling, so the cigar will not dry out and can maintain its complete flavor for a long time.
【Large Capacity Storage Box】: The cigar box uses multiple storage spaces. The humidor also has a drawer made of cedar wood, located on a smooth track, which is convenient and quick to use.
【Best Storage & Good Taste】: The humidor is a must-have for every cigar lover. The humidor can ensure the best storage conditions under constant humidity and temperature. Tea cabinets and wine cabinets will not lose their good taste when stored.
【Special material】Fully unbounded tempered glass is used, which is wear-resistant and easy to clean. It can isolate ultraviolet rays to a certain extent and reduce the effect of ultraviolet rays on the quality of cigars. Moreover, the glass door is very transparent, which does not hinder collectors from appreciating the collection. Drawers made of cedar wood are located on smooth guide rails, which are convenient and quick to use.
【Low noise】 Low decibel mute, quiet and undisturbed. The smart touch panel is used to show an extraordinary sense of art. A beautiful cigar cabinet, in addition to storing cigar sticks, is also a status symbol.
Humidor is a must-have for every cigar lover, and it will maintain a good taste when stored.

A, can store about 150 cigars
B, can store about 4 bottles

-Energy-saving and silent
-Refrigeration method: electronic dual-core dual-core refrigeration
-Holds 150 cigars
-Intelligent temperature control range: 11℃-18℃

★Material: Steel
★Color: black
★Size: 42*48*28.5cm (16.5*18.8*11.2 inches)
★Total capacity: 25L
★Power: 70W
★Rated voltage: 220V