Men's Silver Fiber Fabric Casual Clothes Long Underwear Set Overalls

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★ Size ★ : Can be worn as underwear, there are 5 sizes in total. You can choose according to the size chart or consult us, this is the best gift for you.
★Advantages★: Durable, waterproof, soft, stretchable, extremely light, breathable, foldable, anti-radiation (RF/EMI/EMF/LF shielding and grounding), antistatic/ESD, all natural (no chemical substances) .
★Silver fiber fabric★: Silver has the most effective antibacterial properties. The silver fiber anti-radiation cloth adopts nanotechnology and is made of silver-containing fiber. It is the world's latest anti-radiation technology after the metal anti-radiation fiber cloth. It has anti-radiation, anti-bacterial and anti-fouling functions.
★Applicable people★: Suitable for men who work or live in areas with high electromagnetic waves for a long time. It can prevent computer radiation, WIFI radiation, monitoring radiation, base station radiation, laboratory radiation and other radiation. It is an ideal protective equipment for banks, communications, electric power, schools, media, scientific research and other industries.
★Maintenance method★: When silver fiber is exposed to the air, oxidation cannot be avoided, and the fabric will turn black or yellow, which is a normal phenomenon and does not affect the shielding effect. In order to reduce oxidative washing, it is recommended to wear a bottoming shirt, if not in use, it is recommended to seal it.
What is electromagnetic radiation?
Electromagnetic radiation is "non-ionizing radiation", including microwaves and electromagnetic fields (EMF). All types of electrical appliances generate non-ionizing radiation, including cell phones, computers, televisions, wires, and ultrasound.

Suitable for the crowd:
Electromagnetic radiation underwear is suitable for long-term work or living in a large-area electromagnetic environment. Such as computers, printers, radar contacts, wireless testers and radios, telecommunications, communications, computer rooms, laboratory workers, etc. Radiation, as well as other kinds of radiation, such as military, banking, communications, electric power, schools, media, research and other industries.

cleaning method:
1. It is recommended to use well water, mineral water, and pure water for cleaning; (Reason: some tap water contains chloride ions. If there are too many chloride ions, it will easily react with silver to reduce the damage of alkali and chlorine to silver)
2. The amount of neutral detergent is appropriate, and the washing time is short; (do not use acid detergent or washing powder)
3. Can not be scrubbed and washed in the washing machine. Do not bleach, wash clothes, do not twist them, just pick them up and dry them in a ventilated place to avoid exposure to the sun. Ironing is not recommended.
4. It is recommended to wash as little or as little as possible to prevent improper shielding effect

our products:
Anti-electromagnetic radiation men's long underwear suit

The main ingredients of clothing:
Fabric: 100% silver fiber

Frequency range and shielding effect:
Frequency range: 9kHz-40GHz

The package includes:
1 x Anti-radiation men's long underwear suit