Water Distiller, 4 L Brushed 304 Stainless Steel Home Countertop Distiller Water Machine,Purifier Distillers to Make Clean Water

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Purest Possible H2O ----- The 50Hz, 750W heating element guarantees distillation speed over 1/4 gallon per hour (up to 6 gals/day) to remove dissolved solids, VOCs, and almost all other contaminants to provide the purest water possible.
Purify Water ----- 50Hz 750W heating element guarantees distillation speed over a quarter gallon per hour, effectively removing dissolved solids, VOCs and almost any other contaminants to provide you with the purest water, distills up to 6 gallons per day.
Easy to Use & Maintain ----- Push a single button to start, and you are good to go, PLEASE remember to come back check on it in case the water level is low; no need to purchase and replace dirty filter cartridges, stainless steel and glass are almost maintenance free, both distiller and carafe have large openings for easy access and cleaning.
Protection ----- Thermostatically controlled to automatically switch off to prevent burn-out when the temperature exceeds 300ºF for improved safety. Perfect for home use.
Warranty ----- Comes with 1 year limited warranty from the manufacturer, free exchange if the item is defective. Not compatible with the voltage of 220V.
Tap water contains an array of detrimental toxins, pharmaceutical and other contaminants
that can cause short term and long term health problem. Water distiller is the only method
that ensures that these contaminants are removed from your tap water. No other filtration
method can compete in efficiency and effectiveness with a water distiller. Our water distiller
is of the very best quality home countertop water distillers available. Our water purifiers are
made of stainless steel, so no plastic comes into contact with your water.

Power: 750W
Voltage: 110V-120V
Frequency: 50Hz-60Hz
Distiller Water: 1L/H
Inner Container Volume: 4L
Chamber Size: about 9.05” (Dia.) x 15.35” (H)
Rolled Sheet Types: 3042B
Discharge Tube: Stainless steel 304
Inner Container: Stainless steel 304
Cap/Filter: Stainless steel 304
Electronic Heater Pipe: Aluminum
Water Bottle: Glass (474.8 deg. F/246 deg. C)
Over-Temperature Safety: Power-off when temperature is 320 deg. F/160 deg. C
Package Dimension: 28.5”x23”x19.7”
Gross Weight: 14.1lbs/6.4Kg
Package List:
1x Distiller
1x Water Bottle
1x Discharge Cap
1x Bottle Cap
1x Filter
1x Main Power Cord
1x Chamber Cleaning Powder
1x User Manual