348L Cigar Cabinet With Spain Cedar Wood Drawer ,Intelligent Digital Display Temperature/Humidity /Touch Control, Professional Fridge Shipping /By Sea

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【Ideal temperature and humidity control effect】Make up for the two major shortcomings of traditional humidors: insufficient temperature control and ventilation. This humidor uses a touch screen to control semiconductors for low temperature and humidity control, providing a stable temperature and humidity environment for cigars.
【Special Material】It is made of all-boundary tempered glass, which is wear-resistant and easy to clean. It can isolate ultraviolet rays to a certain extent and reduce the impact of ultraviolet rays on the quality of cigars. Moreover, the glass door is very transparent, which does not prevent collectors from enjoying the collection. Cedar wood drawers sit on smooth rails for quick and easy access.
【Low Noise】Low decibel mute, quiet and undisturbed. Smart touch panel, showing extraordinary artistic sense. A beautiful humidor, in addition to storing cigar sticks, is also a status symbol.
[Design] 360-degree air cooling, no frost, intelligent constant temperature and humidity environment, energy-saving dual-core dual-core heat dissipation, negative ions purify the internal air, Spanish cedar wood shelf emits natural aroma to prevent cigars from breeding insects. It is a natural companion for cigars. The upper part of the item is suitable for loose cigars. Boxed cigars can be placed in the lower part.
[Parameters and commitments] 49cm*48cm*164.5cm. Security door lock. The capacity is 190L. The temperature is 12-22 degrees Celsius. Humidity range is 60-80%. The voltage is 220V. It is a great gift for Father's Day, Birthday, Anniversary and other gifts. If there is any problem with our products, please contact us as soon as possible.
Storage capacity: 800 cigars (348 liters)
Dual system: independent humidification/dehumidification + cooling/heating
Adjustable humidity range: 60-80%
Adjustable temperature range: 12-23℃
High precision temperature stability (+/- 1°C)
High accuracy humidity stability (+/- 1.5%)
6 Pieces of Spanish Cedar Wood Shelves/Drawers
superb operation
Black glass door with double UV-resistant glass and security lock
High sensitivity touch

Upgrade security door lock
Dimensions: W480 x D490 x H1645mm
Gross weight: 55kg
Material: metal + wood
Colour: Black
Lighting: White LED interior lights

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