350W Ceramic Pottery Wheel Heavy Duty Pottery Forming Machine Clay Spinning Wheel With 25cm Turntable DIY Ceramic Crafts With Foot Pedal Detachable Basin

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Powerful Motor and Low Noise: The 350W power premium brushless motor achieves 0-300 rpm and it can handle up to 11 lbs of clay. Stable work and low noise.
Aluminium Turntable & Removable Basin: Clay Wheel is 25cm / 9.84" in diameter with a flat surface for sculpting, shaping and shaping clay. Equipped with diameter. 40cm/15.7" ABS mud guard for easy cleaning.
Adjustable Speed and Stable Legs: Equipped with 80cm/31.5" long foot pedals for more flexible operation, you can freely adjust the rotation speed without releasing your hands. The wheel rotates clockwise and counterclockwise, and is equipped with a rotation direction adjustment switch for more flexible operation.
WIDE APPLICATIONS: Ideal for beginners, while sufficient for professionals in pottery processing, including throwing and shaping, pottery DIY shops or home use, satisfying professionals and hobbyists alike.
Wide range of applications: capable of throwing and shaping procedures. Suitable for school teaching, pottery bar, home use, etc.
This small professional ceramic wheel machine is especially suitable for school teaching and pottery DIY shop to satisfy professionals and pottery enthusiasts.

Rated Voltage: 220V
Rated Power :350W
Wheel Diameter: 25 cm (9.8")
Speed: 0-300 r/min infinitely variable
Rotate Direction: Positive/negative
Working Noise: <60 dB

1. Get smaller pieces of mud.
2. Don't rotate too fast and slow at a slower speed.
3. When shaping, you can stretch it out a bit thicker and then thin it out slowly.
4. Use clay tools to assist molding, less water.
Hot air gun
Product Name: Hot Air Gun
Product use: the effect of drawing cracking texture, fast drying, fast setting, and melting soap.
Type: Pottery Tools
Power: 300W
Size: 23x4.5x4.5cm
Voltage: 220V
Rated temperature: 200°C

1. Do not use a heat gun to blow directly at the object at 90°, the correct angle is about 45° for heating.
2 The recommended distance between the air outlet of the heat gun and the heated object is 3-5cm.
3. The single use time of the hot air gun should not be too long, generally 3-5 minutes. If you feel that the temperature of the body rises significantly, please turn off the hot air gun and wait for it to cool down before use.

Package included:
1 x Ceramic machine(With removable basin)
1 x Hot air gun