350W Electric Pottery Wheel Machine With Foot Pedal And Removable Basin 25CM LCD Display Touch Screen

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【SUITABLE FOR KIDS】The 25cm turntable is big enough to easily make any pottery they want. Detachable ABS water basin, don't worry about too much water, mud everywhere, can guarantee children have a pleasant ceramic experience.
[LCD waterproof screen]: The LCD screen displays the speed very clearly, and it is clear which speed is suitable for work. The LCD screen makes it very convenient to control the strength and speed of the rotation.
【Safety protection device】: Single-phase three-wire connection, with leakage protection device, safe and reliable operation. Advanced high-quality brushless motor, which can achieve a speed of 0-320 r/min.
【Wide range of application】Suitable for school ceramic teaching, pottery bar, DIY shop or home use, satisfying the majority of professional and amateur ceramic lovers.
【High Quality Hot Air Gun】The special hot air gun can quickly help you dry the embryos. Also, you can use it to create cracked textures, quick-set oozes, melt soaps, and more. It is definitely the best companion for your handmade DIY.
1. The basin is detachable, which is more convenient to clean
2. Small and compact, easy to store
3. Easy to set up, smooth and quiet operation
4. Easy to operate, prevent clay splash, stable performance
5. It is very convenient and comfortable to control the strength and speed of the rotation
6. Having a removable pot and pedal is two huge aspects for a lot of pottery throwers!

Material: metal + aluminum alloy
Ceramic Turntable Dimensions: Approx. 25 cm / 9.8 inches
Optional power: 350W
Speed: 0-300r/min
Rotation direction: forward and reverse
1. Take a small piece of mud.
2. Don't spin too fast, not too slow.
3. When shaping, it can be thickened first, and then slowly thinned.
4. Use clay tools to assist in forming, less watering.
heat gun
Product Name: Hot Air Gun
Product use: the effect of cracking texture, quick drying, quick setting and soap dissolving.
Type: Pottery
Power: 300W
Size: 23x4.5x4.5cm
Voltage: 220V
Rated temperature: 200°C

1. Do not use a hot air gun to blow directly at a 90° object. The correct angle is around 45° for heating.
2 The recommended distance between the air outlet of the heat gun and the object to be heated is 3-5cm.
3. The single use time of the heat gun should not be too long, generally 3-5 minutes. If you feel that the temperature of the body has increased significantly, please turn off the heat gun and wait for it to cool before use.

Package Included:
1 x Ceramic Machine (with Removable Basin)
1 x Heat Gun