7-in-1 Multi-function Wrinkle-removing Skin Cleaner Hydrogen-oxygen Beauty Instrument Professional Small Bubble Skin Rejuvenation Facial Care Device

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● ★ Facial care machine: 7-in-1 multi-function skin rejuvenation device, which can increase the deep nourishment of the skin and accelerate the absorption. Tightens the jaw line, reduces eye bags, dark circles and fine lines, and increases skin elasticity. Helps sagging skin to be rejuvenated and beautiful.
● ★ Professional skin rejuvenation instrument: This machine can effectively moisturize and whiten skin and smooth wrinkles. It reduces any skin damage caused by facial blemishes. Regulates sebaceous gland secretion, reduces facial acne, and promotes skin's absorption of nutrients.
● ★ Hydrogen Oxygen Small Bubbles Machine: Using advanced technology, it converts pure water into hydroxide ionized water, and generates H2 molecules on the skin surface, so that water molecules can quickly penetrate the skin and replenish moisture quickly. On the basis of traditional small bubbles, innovatively adding a rotating cleaning water grinding head, the skin cleaning effect is better.
● ★Effective V-face]: The facial roller lift head has a micro-current function, which helps to promote collagen and blood circulation, increase skin elasticity, effectively fade wrinkles and lighten the face, form the most beautiful V shape, and make the skin full of vitality.
● ★ Thoroughly cleans the skin: Thoroughly cleanses the skin. Helps gently cleanse blackheads, grime, dead skin, blemishes, oil and grime by gently adhering to the face. Helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines, smooth semi-hardened sebum pores, unclog sebum metabolism, and keep pores clean.
Cleans pores without harming the skin. Lifts and tightens, deeply hydrates and wakes up the skin.
High definition skin detector for high-level examination of scalp and skin.
BIO Lifting Probe to firm the skin and improve the fine lines of facial skin.
Hydrogen-oxygen small bladder probe can suck out stubborn blackheads.
Hydrogen and oxygen jet probe, can quickly solve the problem of muscle thirst.
High-tech processing technology, the operation is more accurate and simple, and the water and oxygen can be fully combined.
6 probes with different functions meet your different needs.

Instrument Name: Hydrogen Oxygen Facial Machine
Material: ABS
Versatility: Seven in one
Voltage: 110-240V
Net weight: about 8kg
Screen: 7 inches

Products include:
1 x power cord
1 x Cold Hammer Handle
1 x Hydrogen Oxygen Nebulizer
1 × Skin scrubber handle
1×Ultrasonic handle
1 x Vibration Probe
1 x detection probe
1 LED mask.