7D face lifting and firming beauty instrument commercial gold microneedle radio frequency instrument 15-inch theater line multi-functional special instrument

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Now the minimally invasive stimulation of the microneedle device can produce a variety of rejuvenating factors to regenerate the skin from the epidermis to the deep fascia, achieve skin regeneration, firmness and lifting, reduce wrinkles and reshape facial contours
Multiple advantages, reasonable skin care for the deep layer of the skin according to individual needs, not focusing on the epidermis, non-invasive and damage-free, safer.
There are 4 types of probe models, and the single-row output method is suitable for lifting and anti-aging on the face, neck and other parts. The fixed-point precise control has stable output and high efficiency.
Probes with different densities can be selected to introduce essence/liquid products into the subcutaneous tissue, accelerate cell activity, regenerate collagen, increase skin elasticity and tighten the skin. Open skin water protein channel, activate skin vitality.
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Technical parameters of the instrument
hand shan:Lifting 7D, gold microneedle
probe:7D(L7-1.5, L7-3.0, L7-4.5, MF-6, MF-13) Gold microneedles (10 needles, 25 needles, 64 needles, microcrystalline head)
control:15 inch screen
weight :16KG
List of instrument accessories:
1 main engine*1
2 Power cord*1
3 7D lifting handle.1
4 Gold microneedle handle*1
5 Lift the 7DL7-1.5 probe*1
6 Lift the 7DL7-3.0 probe*1
7 Lift the 7DL4-4.5 probe*1
8 7 Lift 7DMF-6.0 probe*1
9 7 Lift 7DMF-13 probe*1
10 Gold microneedle -10-pin probe*1
11 Gold micro-needle -25-needle probe*1
12 Gold micro-needle -64-needle probe*1
13 Gold microneedle-microcrystalline probe*1