Automatic Soap Dispenser Touchless With 3 Levels Adjustable Soap Volume,Automatic Soap Dispenser Foam With Infrared Motion Sensor Liquid Dispenser

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Micron-level foam, deep cleansing -- reasonably control the air bubble ratio of gas and liquid to 12:1 to form micron-level plump foam, which can better cover the skin surface and reach fine pores
This soap dispenser kitchen decor item is a unique gift.
3 Levels Adjustable Soap Volume -- Avoid multi-use and waste. The amount of liquid used by adults and children is very different. It is specially designed for 3 levels of foaming. The abundant foam can ensure that both adults and children can get a good feeling of use and avoid multi-use and waste.
Bionic inclination, the foam does not stick to the machine wall -- the inclination design is just the right human-computer interaction angle. Fits naturally, does not get tired when reaching out, and avoids foam sticking on the machine.
0.25 seconds rapid bubble generation -- intelligent infrared induction, no need to press, no contact, avoid cross infection, infrared induction 0.25 seconds rapid bubble generation, no need to wait, convenient and fast. Let’s take care of your family’s health from a new way of washing hands. The friendly bubbles will make children at home fall in love with washing hands.
Perfect Size.
Product Name: Smart Foam Soap Dispenser
Color Options: White/Green
Material: ABS
Product Size: LxWxH=8x8x20.2cm/3.1x3.1x8.0in
Product Capacity: 250ml/8.5oz
Gear Selection: 3 Levels Adjustable Soap Volume
Voltage Voltage: 110V-220V (Universal)
Induction Method: Infrared Sensor
Charging Interface: USB Rechargeable (Send charging cable)
Note:Please pay special attention when charging, insert the soap dispenser with the marked side of the charging cable facing up
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