Beauty Instrument A0205-2 7D Hifu + RF Microneedle 2 in 1 Machine Face Lifting & Skin Rejuvenation facial care equipment

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Mechanical stimulations from MC(micro crystal), with the biological effects and thermal stimulation from RF.
Cooperatively motivate the self_repair_ system of yours ,the microcirculation get improved, enable the collagen protein reborn and redigest.
Penetration of the MC somehow opened up a shortcut for your skin to absorb nutrition quickly and effectively.
RF from MC selectively destroy the apocrine glands ,hair _follicle _sebaceous glands,inhibit inflammations ,activate yourself antiinflammatory system.
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Product Parameters
Product name: A0205 7D hifu
Power: 150w
Energy type: High intensity focused ultrasound Output power: 0.1~3J
(Set unit 0.1J)
Dot distance: 1~2mm (set unit 1mm)
Model:Repeat/Single Output length: 5.0-25mm
Rated power: 100-240V 50HZ/60HZ
Products probe: 1.5mm/2.0mm/3.0mm/4.5mm/6.0mm/9.0mm/13.0mm
DL1.5 length adjustable from 5mm-10mm
DL3.0 length adjustable from 5mm-25mm
DL4.5 length adjustable from 5mm-25mm
MF2.0 length adjustable from 5mm-10mm
MF6.0 length adjustable from 5mm-25mm
MF9.0 length adjustable from 5mm-25mm
MF13 length adjustable from 5mm-25mm

1.After treatment, in order to repair the skin, apply moisturizer
and repair products sooner or later.
2.After scab, and need to fall off naturally, should not be
stripped off by hand.
You need to apply sunscreen and avoid direct UV rays.
3. Dont have a intense exercise and swimming, sauna and so on
in the short period 4,Prohibit intake alcohol in the a short period
time, alcohol will make the phenomenon of redness lasts long,
not conducive to repair, it is proposed to prohibit.