The Different of Cedar Wood Drawers For Cigar Humidor

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【IDEAL TEMPERATURE AND HUMIDITY CONTROL EFFECT】To compensate for the two faults of the traditional humidor: Insufficient temperature control and ventilation. This humidor adopts low temperature and humidity control function, provides high quality constant temperature and humidity humidor for cigar lovers and collectors.
【SPECIAL GLASS MATERIAL】Low-E glass can isolate UV to some extent and reduce UV influence on cigar quality. And the glass doors are very transparent, which will not prevent collectors from appreciating their collections.
【GOLD STAINLESS STEEL FRAME】Adopting a gold and stainless steel element shows extraordinary artistic sense. A beautiful cigar humidor, in addition to the storage of the sticks, is also a symbol of identity.
【DIMENSION】W17.7 * D20.6 * H28.5 (inch). The upper part of the item is suitable for loose cigars. Boxed cigars can be placed in the lower part.
【PROMISE】It is an exquisite gift for Father's Day, Birthday, Anniversary, etc. during delivery. Contact us for any problem with our products as soon as possible.
Don't let the wrong storage method hurt your cigars!
This is an intelligently controlled cigar moisturizing cabinet with intelligent control that gives cigars a perfect storage space. The high-end and unique appearance of the cigar cabinet is a good gift for cigar lovers.
- Intelligent temperature control
- Energy saving mute
- Seamless moisturizing
- circulating cold air
- Silent energy saving
- can accommodate up to 400 cigars
Produce Detail:
Produce Name:Cigar Humidor Cooler
Capacity: Hold up to 400 Cigars
Inside Volume:2.29Cubic Ft
Rated Power:75W
Shelves Standard:3th Floor
Net weight: 19.8KG
Adjustable temperature between 54 and 70 °F
important hint:
1. After receiving the cabinet, please wait for 24 hours and then use it again.
2. Keep at least 1-3 cm between the back of the cabinet and the wall to ensure good heat dissipation.
3. The location where the cigar cabinet is placed must be kept away from all heat sources.
4. The tilt of the cabinet should not exceed 45° when moving
We only sell cigar humidors, not including other products.
Differential measurement method size is slightly different, please refer to the actual product.
Because the shooting tools are different, the color may be a small mistake, not a quality problem!