Chargeable Electric Pottery Wheel 280W Pottery Forming Machine Art Craft DIY Clay Tool Electric Ceramics Wheel With 29cm Turntable Detachable Basin

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【LCD display】The speed, direction and speed control mode can be selected through the LCD screen. The LCD screen is waterproof, so you don't have to worry about the touch screen when your fingers are wet during use.
[Combination of art and size] Body size: 50x21.5cm. Wheel diameter: 29cm. Compact structure, small footprint, easy to operate, can be fully charged, not only does not need power outdoors, but also allows you to play as much as you like.
【Wide Scope of Application】This pottery wheel machine has 8 tools, suitable for school ceramic teaching, pottery bar, DIY shop or home use, to satisfy the majority of professional and amateur ceramic lovers.
[Advantages] The electric potter's wheel DIY machine has adjustable speed, low noise and energy saving. The power interface adopts an anti-leakage design, so there is no need to worry about electric shock.
【High Quality Hot Air Gun】The special hot air gun can quickly help you dry the embryos. Also, you can use it to create cracked textures, quick-set oozes, melt soaps, and more.
It is compact and does not take up too much space.
It is easy to operate and both adults and children can easily get started. It as a great gift for kids or friends.
Simple operation and strong stability.
Independent intelligence, infinitely variable speed.

Pottery Machine
Material: Aluminum alloy turntable + solid wood body
Power: 280W
Speed: 0-280
Weight: 9.5KG
Turntable Diameter: 29cm
Item Size: 50x21.5x20.5cm

1. Get smaller pieces of mud.
2. Don't rotate too fast and slow at a slower speed.
3. When shaping, you can stretch it out a bit thicker and then thin it out slowly.
4. Use clay tools to assist molding, less water.
Hot air gun
Product Name: Hot Air Gun
Product use: the effect of drawing cracking texture, fast drying, fast setting, and melting soap.
Type: Pottery Tools
Power: 300W
Size: 23x4.5x4.5cm
Voltage: 220V
Rated temperature: 200°C

1. Do not use a heat gun to blow directly at the object at 90°, the correct angle is about 45° for heating.
2 The recommended distance between the air outlet of the heat gun and the heated object is 3-5cm.
3. The single use time of the hot air gun should not be too long, generally 3-5 minutes. If you feel that the temperature of the body rises significantly, please turn off the hot air gun and wait for it to cool down before use.

Package included:
1 x Ceramic machine
1 x Hot air gun
1 x Charging cable