Cute Cartoon Shape Automatic Soap Dispenser Infrared Sensor Foaming Liquid Dispenser For Kid Smart Visible Clear Tank350ml/11.8oz Liquid Dispenser

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350ml/11.8ozReservoir.Large capacity, no need for frequent replenishment. Upright body, stable placement. The inclined design makes it easy to reach out and avoid the fuselage from sticking to the foam. Do not use lotions or liquids with abrasive beads.
This soap dispenser kitchen decor item is a unique gift.
How to use:Rotate the bottle clockwise to remove the soap bottle; put the battery in the correct positive +/- position; put in the liquid that can produce foam; turn the bottle counterclockwise to screw the bottle on the body. Non-foaming liquid: such as hand soap, shower gel, etc., it needs to be diluted with water in a ratio of 1:5~8 before use.
Cute shape, Two choices. Cartoon character sitting on a donut and calling to wash your hands in a good mood. Rich foam, three-dimensional shape. Rub to clean, gentle care.
Infrared Sensor, rapid bubble formation. The foam is dense and easy to rinse, and the new experience is refreshing and clean. The foaming effect will vary depending on the consistency of the loading liquid. Compatible with multiple environments. A variety of cleaning liquids can be freely adjusted and replaced. Foam type liquid can be used directly.
Perfect Size.
Name: Automatic Foaming Soap Dispenser
Color: White
Material: Premium ABS
Sensor range: 0in~2in/0~5cm
Item Dimensions: 2.9x2.9x9.1in/7.3x7.3x23.2cm
Capacity: 11.8oz/350ml
Applicable scene: Household, Hotel, Hospital, School, Restaurantand More.
Note:Battery powered. Install 4xAA batteries to use. You need to prepare yourself. We will give away a soap flake,put the soap flake into the bottle, add water to wait more than 5 minutes, and use it as hand soap after the soap flake is completely dissolved.
Buy this dish detergent dispenser with confidence.