Electric Pottery Wheel Machine Ceramic & Pottery Tool With 24cm Wheel/Independent Foot Pedal/Detachable DIY Pottery Making Machine Accessories

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The electric potter's wheel machine adopts single-phase three-wire connection, with leakage protection device (one switch control), safe and reliable operation
The pot of this pottery wheel tool is removable and can be easily removed after using the machine for full cleaning and easy maintenance
This electric potter's wheel machine has a high power of 350W, which can help to generate a stepless speed of 300r/min, super flat wheel, super smooth and stable, easy to control, low noise; 24cm size is suitable for most pottery work
It's easy to control this detachable DIY pottery maker, with a knob to switch the direction of rotation clockwise or counterclockwise; the independent foot is easy to pedal, freeing hands for better steering wheel control
This pottery machine ceramic pottery tool is made of high quality solid steel + aluminum alloy material, powder coated, completely rust-proof and oxidation-proof, not easy to stick, easy to clean; also has a beautiful appearance
-The turbine has a beautiful appearance, and the surface is treated by powder spraying.
-Easy to operate, good to prevent clay splashing.
- The wheels rotate smoothly, with low noise, and the rotation direction can be switched clockwise or counterclockwise.
-Single-phase three-wire connection, with leakage protection device, safe and reliable operation.

Power: 350W
Plug: UK plug
Material: steel + aluminum alloy
Wheel diameter: 24cm/9.45in
Voltage: AC 110-220V
Speed: 0-300r/min stepless
Noise amplitude: less than 60dB
Motor: Advanced brushless motor

User manual:
1. Check the stability of the machine before use. If the machine is unstable, it needs to be adjusted to the bottom of the lifting feet. After the machine is stable, connect the power supply.
2. After the device is powered on, push the leakage protector to the ON button and turn the forward or reverse switch.
3. Do not press the turntable by hand when the machine is running.
4. When the machine is running, the forward and reverse switches cannot be switched instantaneously until the machine is completely stationary.
5. Do not pour a lot of water into the basin. Once a large amount of water is poured into the basin, the power supply will be cut off in time for cleaning.
6. Students and children must operate under professional guidance
7. After the machine is used, power off and clean up in time.