Electronic Tattoo Mole Removal Pen, Professional Skin Plasma Pen Machine For Face Body Wart Removal Freckle Nevus Spot Treatment Small Tattoo

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✔ The machine can produce High temperature plasma, when touch skin, will producecurrent a small flame and cause the skin carbonization for removing the freckles & moles.
✔ Skin Rejuvenatio: Accelerate skin metabolism, promote collagen regeneration,and alleviate skin aging problems.
✔ Remove Wrinkles: Inhibit melanin,brighten skin tone, refine skin texture,shrink pores, improve skin elasticity,anti-aging.and improve allergic dermatitis.
✔ Advantages: Instantly eliminate skin neoplasms and strong sterilization and never relapse.
✔ Safe: No bleeding, can avoid various lesions caused by bleeding and medical risk. No scar left,Wound easy to recover without bandage.
Working principle:
When the needle touch the freckle skin,it produce plasma with high temperature as 2000 immedicately, when it touch the freckle ,spot ,it will produce a small flame,we called it carbide problem skin.The micro vascular will be solidified quicly without bleeding. Then it will formed carbon scabs ,protect wound skin from infection. After about 1 week, scab will sheeding without scars
Skin cleaning & Lead in
Face Lift Neck Lift
Remove Acne Active spots And Scarring
Remove Stretch marks, Correction Scars
Smoker Lines & Wrinkle Removal
Removal Moles Flat or raised, Age Spots, Benign Skin, Keloids (Fat Deposits near eyelids), Post surgery scars, pigmentation and sun spot
Eyelid reconstruction (Non-surgical blepharoplasty) including resolving baggy lower eyelids and excess upper eyelid skin
Input & Output AC220V22V,50Hz±1Hz
Power: 27W
Package size: 37X26X16 cm
Gross weight:2.5 kg
Energy level: 10 levels
Accessories: 5 Fine needles+1 Thick needle
Operation Steps:
1) Disinfection, With 75% alcohol disinfection apparatus sweep spot
2) Connect the Wire, press power on the machine
3) Then adjust the current intensity
4) Hold the stick of the machine, be careful on the stains can be seen to be dissolved melanin
5) After removing spots, rub some anti-inflammatory cream, can wipe the crust off