Gold Soap Dish Holder Wall Mounted Copper Soap Rack Supports with Water Retaining Strip, Bathroom Shelves for Bath, Tub and Kitchen Sink

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SURFACE FINISHED: Vacuum Plating, enhanced coating adhesion,anti-corrosion and anti-rust, lasting as new, smooth surface and easy to clean
CONCEALED INSTALLATION: You should fix the Soap Basket with all the screws on the wall and all the screws are concealed, so that you will not see the screws.
MATERIAL: Made of high-quality copper, it is corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, and does not rust for a long time.
PROPER SITES: You can put the product in whichever room due to your demand, for example, bathrooms, shower rooms, kitchens, toilets and so on.
BEAUTIFUL DESIGN: The soap dish can be taken off. When there is water in the dish, you can pour the water to keep the soap dry and tidy, which is good for your health. And Ceramic dish with water retaining strip design, also can anti-soap immersion!
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Product Name: Soap dish holder
Body material: copper
Color: gold
Size: 16.5x10.5cm( LxWxH)
Net weight: 260g
Surface technology: copper-plated titanium + Vacuum Plating
Scope of application: kitchen, bathroom, toilet and so on.
Installation method: wall-mounted Drilling installation
Mounting accessories: expansion rubber + stainless steel screws
All these features can make a better life for you.
1.Environmentally friendly material is harmless to your life and can ensure your health.
2.Finished surface can for you daily scratches and color fading more or less avoid.
3.This kind of surface can also your bathroom decorate and make your room look much more good-looking and beautiful.
4.Please keep the bathroom accessories away from corrosive matters for fear of color fading.
5.Please keep the bathroom accessories also away from sharp things in order to avoid scratches.
With all these features our soap holder can your daily basic demands meet.
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