High Protection Radiation EMF/RF Shielding Canopy Box Double Bed U-SILVER For WiFi/ 5G & Other RF(with Bracket)

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High-performance Materials- EMF Shielding Bed Canopy is made with 100% silver fiber provides outstanding EMF radiation protection that is conductive, lightweight and very breathable material, giving you the best of both worlds.
RF SIGNAL BLOCKING- EMF PROTECTION. Protect your home from the invasion of high frequency,Shields from high frequency from wi-fi, cell towers, DECT (cordless landlines), smart meters and other wireless devices.
Washing instruction: Do not bleach, hand wash only. Please take care of the EMF Protection product as your precious gift. PLEASE Do not wash the faraday fabric very frequently(Silver ion has antibacterial properties, self-cleaning ability).
RESTORE SLEEP: Shielding Effectiveness 99.99% or 40 dB at 1000 MHz.Restore your SLEEP and immunity overnight! 15 minutes EASY INSTALLATION comes complete.
With bracket:Our 4 poster bed canopy comes complete with an easy to assemble frame that provides 5G protection with up to 36dB of shielding at 40GHz as well as surge & EMF protection. It is made from breathable fabrics that allow comfortable sleep conditions. It is easy to set up and it does not require hooks or screws.
Produce information:
Material:SILVER FIBER 100%
Age Group:Adults
220cm*220cm*220cm(87x 87x 87in)
Shape: Box,no door
Feature:Folded, Radiation Protection

Dimensional stability:shrinkage less than 5%
Screening attenuation:All stated attenuation values apply at 1 Ghz.
To shield electical fields (LF) this product can be grounded with our metalic button sewed on the canopy
Fabric care:Washing at gentle cycle 30°C | No ironing | No drying in tumble dryers | No bleaching | No chemical dry-cleaning | For allergy sufferers: Every new fabric smells, wash before its first usage!
Silver products:
1) Silver fabrics get stainings over time and often have them right from the start!
2) Silver fabrics have a limited durability, which depends on the frequency of movement.,
3) Our silver fabrics don't contain nano-silver, but a thick pure metallic silver layer.
Field type:LF (Low frequency alternating electrical fields), HF (High frequency electromagnetic fields)

Box shape for double beds:This box shaped canopy offers a spacious ambience.For double beds up to 220 cm width. Bed-making is easily possible without lifting the canopy away.
Disadvantage: The mounting is not possible at roof pitches. Measures:
Width 220 cm, depth 220 cm, height 220 cm.
All sizes depending on the fabric with +/- 10 % tolerance!
Mounting: By four points on the ceiling. Any kinds of bars (not included) can be inserted in the sewed fabric tunnel to stabilize the canopy installation.
Exception: Perspective is too filigree and has no tunnel!