Household 25L Cedar Wood Mini Cigar Moisturizing Cabinet Built-in Maintenance Cooler

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【Boutique Cabinet】This noble humidor is an ideal cigar storage display case, which helps to preserve the flavor of cigars and protect cigars from pests or other harmful environment.
【Keep every cigar】High-sensitivity touch LCD high-definition panel, one-button operation is convenient and fast. The double-layer tempered glass effectively blocks the light problem, and at the same time isolates the external heat and balances the environment inside the cabinet.
【Four major systems escort】Intelligent control system 24 hours constant temperature and humidity. Humidity control system, independent dual control of humidification and dehumidification. The internal circulation system keeps the temperature and humidity in the cabinet uniform. Temperature control system, fast hot air evenly constant temperature.
【Humanized Design】The humidor has built-in humidification system and hygrometer. Can store up to 400 cigars, built-in multiple independent shelves, made of Spanish cedar wood, unpainted and tasteless, adding cigar aroma to cigars.
【Warm Tips】Our products are of reliable quality, no matter what problem you encounter, you can contact me by email.
High-quality cigars have been mellowed over the years, exuding their unique charm. The fermentation process harmonizes the strong flavor of the cigar, reduces the unpleasant flavor, and makes the taste more delicate and mellow. Provide a stable temperature and humidity environment for cigar aging, and seal the aroma of cigars.
Cigar cabinet parameters
-----Material: Cedar wood + metal
-----Color: black
-----Style: modern and simple
-----Capacity: 150 pcs
-----Size: 42*48*28.5cm/16.8*19.2*11.4inches
-----Temperature range: 11~18 (error ±1°C)
-----cabinet volume: 25L
-----Refrigeration method: electronic dual-core dual-core refrigeration
-----Number of shelves: 2 layers (cedar wood shelves)
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