Men's Electromagnetic Radiation Protection All-silver Fiber Stripe Underwear T-shirt For Microwave/Phone/TV/Computer

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★ All-silver fiber fabric: has the most effective antibacterial properties. Using nanotechnology, it is made of silver-containing fibers. It has anti-radiation, antibacterial and antifouling functions.
★Size: The underwear is available in 5 sizes. Please choose according to the size chart, if you exceed the size chart, please contact us to customize the product for you.
★ Advantages: Durable, waterproof, soft, stretchy, extremely light, breathable, foldable, anti-radiation, anti-static/ESD, all natural.
★ Applicable: suitable for people who work or live in areas with strong electromagnetic waves for a long time. It is an ideal protective equipment for banking, communications, electric power, schools, media, scientific research and other industries.
★ Maintenance method: silver fiber is exposed to the air, oxidation is inevitable, and the fabric turns black or yellow, which is a normal phenomenon and does not affect the protective effect. To reduce oxidative cleaning, sealing is recommended.
★ Products
100% Silver Fiber
Name: Silver fiber radiation protection T-shirt
Fabric: Silver Fiber
Process: Double-layer textile
Color: silver grey

★ Package includes:
1X Radiation Protection Top

★Maintenance and cleaning:
1. The silver fiber radiation protection suit should be washed with mineral water or cold water (to reduce the damage of water and nitrogen to silver).
2. Using a neutral detergent solution, wash gently and gently. It is recommended to wash as little as possible to prevent improper washing from affecting the effect. Everyone has different electrolytes. Normally, the human body is acid-alkaline. The acid-base plus cysteine ​​(the main component of sweat) separates out the silver ions (yellow in the fabric). When you sweat, change outside. It is recommended to wear it with or without the base.
4. It is recommended to keep it sealed when not wearing to prevent local oxidation from causing color difference.