Mini-drone / 360 ° flipping / 360 ° flip / automatic hovering, no head mode, easy to fly, children's toys

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All-round protection: all-round protection machine, anti-collision resistance is more durable
HD wide angle camera: HD image transmission, capture farther scenery
One-click operation: One button takes off, can operate emergency stop flight / one-click landing remote to easily implement one-click landing, more user-friendly
Headless: No matter the drone in any angle, it will be flying in the direction of the remote control.
360 ° flip: remote control easy operation, show the thrilling roll action, cool light, the aircraft body setting Have Le D lamp, there will be highlight light effect when flying
HD map is now watching: through the hand APP The aircraft aerial photographic screen is fully controlled and the effect is clear, so that you have a migratory bird vision, easily record everything.
Product Style: HD Triaxial Aircraft
Product Size: 24x24x6cm
Remote control signal: 2. 4GHz
Remote battery: 4 knots 1. 5VAA A battery
Remote control distance: about 70-80 meters
Return time: about 12-18 minutes
Charging time: about 60 minutes