Mirror Rehabilitation Robot Glove, Hand Function Exercise Correction Pneumatic Finger for Stroke Patients with Hemiplegia

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【HAND SPLINT】Hand flexibility training/promoting blood circulation/solving hand stiffness, Speeding up the recovery process of hand function, Helping users to relearn the brain nerves, Accelerating brain recovery, supplementing nerve damage, and realizing patients Regain self-care ability from hands.
【TRAINING OF HAND FUNCTION】Rehabilitation treatment device only needs to connect rehabilitation gloves, and it can be easily used by grasping objects such as training balls. At the same time, it has an intelligent flexion and extension degree adjustment function. You can freely adjust the strength of flexion and extension according to the different muscle tension.
【BIONIC HAND STRUCTURE】Intelligently imitate hand movements, imitate hand structure production, independent movement grasping, intelligently imitate hand grasping, extension and flexion and other actions, alleviate hand spasm, stiffness and other problems.
【SIMPLE OPERATION】Finger Splint Brace has a large LCD control screen and clear adjustment buttons. Convenient for the elderly to use, simple operation, one key can be turned on, the elderly can also complete the exercise independently.
【APPLICABLE PEOPLE】Suitable for hemiplegic patients with dysfunction, wrist and finger training, improve muscle strength and increase the range of joint motion of joints. Restore the dual functions of fingers and hands, promote blood circulation.
The rehabilitation robot gloves, flexible hand training/promoting blood circulation/solving hand stiffness, and multiple training modes will be a good helper to promote your hand rehabilitation. Small and portable design, you can keep training anytime and anywhere
Perseverance in training, complete recovery of hand function, requires a long rehabilitation process, and long-term adherence to the training step by step.
Mode of operation: Bionic flexible pneumatic
Charging voltage: 12V
Size: 160×100×65mm
Time setting: 0-20min
Size: Child/S/M/L/XL (around points)
1 × Host
2 × Mirror gloves
1 × Power Gloves
1 × Small Ball
1 × Adaptor
1 × Manual
Please check whether the power supply part is damaged before use;
Do not plug or unplug the power supply with wet hands;
Do not use if the affected hand has symptoms such as abrasion, inflammation, etc.
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