Multifunctional Handicap Wheelchair Patient Lift Machine,Shower Toilet Chair With Bedpan Disabled Moving Nursing Wheelchair (BY SHIP)

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☛【Multifunctional whole body lift wheelchair】: One machine with multiple functions, which can be a patient lift, wheelchair, bedside toilet or bathroom chair. This lift can move the patient from the bed to the chair, toilet, outdoor, etc. You can lift a person by yourself, which is essential for both patients and caregivers.
☛【Efficient nursing wheelchair:】: The user can take a shower without changing the seat and standing. Let the patient take a bath and go to the toilet by himself, and the caregiver will not feel embarrassed. The height-adjustable joystick solves the problem that the wheelchair is difficult to move to the sofa, bed, toilet, seat, etc.
☛[Easy to use]: 180° opening and closing, flexible action, simple operation, patient transfer in various scenarios can be easily realized without lifting the patient, and one person can easily take care of it. Save effort and effort to prevent nursing staff from damaging the waist.
☛[Medical Silent Wheel]: The front and rear silent casters have a locking mechanism, the wheels are firmly locked to protect the user; the casters can be moved 360°, and you can turn in any direction. And the easy-adjustable back double seat lock prevents falls and increases safety. Suitable for the transfer of sofas, beds, chairs, toilets, etc.
☛[Easy to store]: Lightweight, foldable and foldable wheelchair, which folds up very quickly and is very compact. It fits most small suitcases and is easy to travel by truck or airplane.
The patient lift uses a manual lifting rocker to provide safe and comfortable patient transfer. This whole body lifter is easy to operate and easy to carry. It is a multifunctional wheelchair, which is an ideal choice to effectively meet the different needs of people with limited mobility.

The main features of lifting wheelchairs:
1. Adjustable height joystick
2. Two-seater lock to prevent falling
3. Front and rear silent casters
4. Functional 180° split seat
5. Adjustable foot pedal
6. Heavy-duty high-strength steel frame
7. Widened toilet seat hole and easy to remove toilet
Pass width> 63cm

Suitable for the crowd:
Wheelchair user
Bedridden patient
Patients with lower limb fractures
Patients who cannot move

Product Details:
Maximum load capacity: 270 pounds
Product size: length 28 inches; width 24 inches; height 31-39 inches adjustable
Maximum open range: 180°
Seat lifting range: 15 inches (lowest), 23 inches (highest)
Product net weight: 50 pounds
Front and rear wheel size: 5 inches, 3 inches