Thick Clear Glass Soap Dispenser-3 Pack,Lake Blue Hand Soap Dispensers,Crystal Clear Boston Round Bottles for Lotions and Liquids

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STRONG COMPATIBILITY: This ceramic soap dispenser is a great piece of bathroom equipment. The white soap dispenser has a wide range of bottlenecks that make it easy to replenish the liquid. This ceramic soap dispenser is suitable for storing and distributing liquid soap, soap, lotion, shampoo, hand washing liquid, essential oil, and so on. The excellent design of this soap dispenser will bring convenience to your friends and family.
A GREAT GIFT IDEA: This fashionable and practical white ceramic soap dispenser is the perfect gift to improve the quality of life and give to relatives and friends. Spanish ancient craftsmanship.A work of art with a soul, every detail and every curve, integrates the wisdom and sweat of craftsmen, plain but not vulgar.Enhance home fashion
EASY TO USE: The bottle cap adopts a push-type design, which can be pressed quickly, and the plastic nozzle can be recycled.No rust, no deformation. The V-shaped cutout design can easily absorb the residual liquid at the bottom of the bottle without waste, and can be cut and adjusted by itself.
ARTWORK LOTION BOTTLE:This animal Soap Dispenser has Glossy, Diamond, Cylindrical shape.The bottle body is as crystal clear as a gem, fresh lake blue,the hand-blown embossed pattern, the concave and convex texture, the elegant posture, the streamlined lines and the crystal-like texture have become a landscape in life.
RECYCLED GLASS MATERIALS: The bottle body is made of recycled glass, hand blowing, ancient craftsmanship,with delicate workmanship, smooth bottle mouth and clear layers.The body thickness is 4.6mm, which is sturdy and durable.The handwork has a natural arc and softness, the surface is naturally delicate, the threaded bottle mouth, and the texture is clear.
Product name: Cute cartoon bear ceramic soap / lotion dispenser
Color :fresh lake blue
Shape:Glossy, Diamond, Cylindrical
Soap dispenser Capacity:450ml/15.2oz,400ml/13.5,600ml/20.3oz
Soap Dispenser Size:18x8cm/7x3.1in,18x9cm/7x3.5in,23x9cm/9x3.5in
Style: classic minimalist style
Process:hand blowing, ancient craftsmanship