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Equipped with rounded bristles that are strong and dense, but soft and flexible, the toilet brush cleaning brush allows you to clean hard-to-reach areas around and below the rim without scratching the porcelain.
The toilet brushes are extremely stable and durable, reliable cleanliness due to soft and dense bristles. The classic modern design fits perfectly into any bathroom and toilet.
No risk of breakage – extra stable – the brush handle convinces with a reinforced end, which makes the brush set particularly stable and durable.
EASY AND EFFECTIVE USE: Our bristles are strong enough to make scrubbing much easier, faster and more effective, but they are flexible and gentle enough to prevent you from painting water and keep your toilet nice and free from scratches. Your toilet will be cleaner than ever before! The base of the set is easy to disinfect and remove.
Brush head gives a high quality look and ensures reliable cleanliness. The toilet remains hygienically clean without scratching. The brush head reaches every angle and cleans easily without any pressure effort.
Load capacity: 20 kg
Colour: antique brushed
Material: copper
Surface treatment: hand marking
Base: Wavy Ring