Toilet brushes Toilet Brushes And Holderesgolden Crystal Toilet Brush Holder With Ceramic Cup/Household Products Bath Brush Decoration Bathroom Accessories Remove dirt easier

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Material: Metal
This exquiste toilet brush is designed to hygienically and aesthetically keep your bathroom clean and make it look beautiful for years.
SOFT BUT FIRM BRUSH BRISTLES have been carefully selected to be soft enough to form a wide contact patch with the bowl but firm and strong enough to create sufficient abrasion
Allows for easy reach into the deepest parts of the bowl-without splashing water on yourself in the process
Ideal for everyday domestic or commercial use
:Compact Toilet Brush and Canister is an ideal addition to any size bathroom.
The distant canister design allows the toilet brush to be stored within easy reach whilst being compact enough to be discrete.
Simply lift the brush and the canister door automatically opens; the door will remain open until you're finished cleaning and have replaced the brush in the canister.
The shape of the handle is comfortable to hold and the brush head features durable bristles and a tapered shape for deep cleaning.
After cleaning simply replace the brush in the canister for neat compact and sanitary storage; a built-in drip tray in the canister bottom catches excess water and allows it to quickly evaporate away.